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Aditi from Mumbai has always been a passionate artist but there have been many twists and turns in her life. Things were very nice until she turned 21. After that her parents were divorced and it was difficult for her to decide with whom has she to go, as life seemed to end. It was not until when she turned 25 that she decided to lead a life that would be entirely independent. She lived with her father for a year after the parents’ divorce and later she decided to live with her mother. She moved to an apartment on rent when she became a well-known artist.

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Today she is doing a lot of things together. After every 8 to 9 months, she has an exhibition in one of the best hotels of the city and not only that her life ends here, she is also running an NGO with the help of her certain collogues and friends so she can work for kids whose parents have separated and they do not want to stay with anyone of them. Here Indian desi girls mobile number and also her stylish images in different views.

She has decided that she might expect herself to be in a relationship but she at no cost wants to get married like her parents. She thinks that this will make her relationship weak as it can come easily to an end with a divorce paper.

She is also dating someone these days but she has made it clear to him that they are not going to marry ever even if they decide to live with each other as long as they live. Rahul is a caring fellow and can understand Aditi’s emotions and it doesn’t matter to her whether they live with each other without even marrying, all he wants is to be close to Aditi. Here beautiful Indian girls personal contact number with complete profile pictures and images. He has loved her sine they were only 23 and they were studying together in a college. Now Aditi and Rahul both are 29 years old and after knowing each other for so long, they have decided to be with each other. One thing that Rahul misses is that Aditi doesn’t smile a lot now.

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