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Amrita is very fond of kids. It seems that she is like a kid herself. She has always been a girl who loved to play. Then she went to the college on sports basis. She is a great hockey player and also had the chance to play hockey internationally. Her father was great sportsman too. He has been a remarkable cricket player. Amrita always felt proud of him. He loved his daughter dearly. It was due to him that Amrita has developed the love and passion for different games. The Hockey team of Indian women is a better one as compared to men; this is what Amrita has always thought of because she always wanted to be in the Indian hockey team. Her mother was a simple house wife and knew nothing about the games. Perfect girls Amrita living in Indian big city and also share personal contact mobile number for live chat or online firendship.

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She thought that it is futile taking part in such games and it is better if one pursues the profession of a doctor or a teacher than being a sportsman, though both father and the daughter never agreed to this. They thought that it is useless explaining about sports to her. Amrita beautiful girl has made a commitment to herself that won’t ever marry since she wanted to pursue her profession quite seriously. Amrita was a good player according to her coach but she had to really work harder if she wants to go really far. She has always aspired to be a captain of the Indian hockey team but has never got a chance.

This season, she is practicing a lot in the ground. Her routine is quite hectic, she wakes up early in the morning at 4:00 and starts running in the field until her legs ache. She wants to be stronger and for that she has started being in the gym for more than 2 hours. Treadmill, cycling and what not, she is putting the best of her efforts to avail the time only in exercising, giving the least rest to her body.

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Amrita seems quite hopeful in achieving a good position in the team someday. Her father has always been there for her to support her.

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Name: Amrita Singh

City: Vijayawada India

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