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She got married after six months, by now, Neetu was mature and therefore on the first night of her wedding, she made her husband promise her that he won’t touch her until she won’t ask him to. She wants to love him first rather than having sex without love. The husband was not like her brothers and gave her the time she wanted to think. He used to go to work and then come back bringing all the things she had made the list of. He would never say no to her and do as she would say. He really adored her and loved her. Neetu was getting attracted to her husband, but for her, it was too early to give herself all away to someone. But at least, it was a relief for her that her husband was not like her brothers.

One day, when Ramesh was sleeping on the bed all alone. Neetu walked in her night gown and lie beside him, indicating him that she is all his. They had their first night and it was a marvelous feeling to have sex with someone who you feel yourself to be deeply in love with.

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