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Aneesa is a daring girl and has always been there for her friends and family. She was only 9 years old when her father died. She was 20, when her mother also expired. It was Aneesa who helped her brothers and sisters in places where they needed her. She also had to leave her college and without completing her Bachelors, she had to go out to look for job. Since she had a charming personality and she looked really pretty. It can also be called as the “natural beauty”. Everywhere, she went to find a reasonable job, proved to be a great test for her. She was seduced and harassed and what not. It seemed that they all wanted to play with her. They offered her a lot of money for sleeping with them.

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Aneesa wanted to peruse the profession of a hostess. She wanted to work in airlines so she could visit different places. This idea was always a fascinating one for her. She wanted to marry someone, who could afford to take her to many places. But it never happens according to you!

Things never happen in the ways we plan them. It was just one day that changed her life. That one day was when her mother died. She was lonely in this world now, trying to live at other’s stake. She could never imagine that life would be so difficult for her and her brothers as well as for her sisters. She started to work in a company, she got only 30 thousand which was not enough to raise her family. With a very heavy heart, she decided to be somebody’s mistress one day. That was the end of her soul. She was apparently alive but dead from inside. Just to raise her family and to give them a life of pleasure and happiness, she decided to be someone different. Aditya was an industrialist who loved being with her. He was a young man but Aneesa didn’t want to marry him because there was a difference in their religion and that was the only point of conflict between them.

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  • Name: Aneesa
  • City: Bhopal India
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