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Aneeta is a pretty girl from Hydrabad. She is the only sister of her four brothers who have raised her with love and affection and help her in every way. She was always a marvelous student and Now a days, she is working on the education of the kids in her area. She has always been there for those illiterate little kids who are learning to become better through her guidance. Here Hyderabadi Indian girls mobile number and real friendship website.

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Initially , after completing her MBBS , she wanted to join one of the reputed hospitals in the city but later on , she decided that she has to make the little kids near her colony as educated as she is. Her brothers have always been supportive and they offered her 2 lakhs to start with. She has opened up a small school in this area, where the kids come to learn basics. Older ones are given presentations on various informative topics. She has a staff too which comprises of 2 more teachers who love and handle the kids as if they are their own.

Aneeta has been a good sister too and she found 4 beautiful bhabis for her handsome brothers so they can lead a happy life whereas, she has decided not to marry for at least 2 to 3 years. She is a devoted teacher and want to work upon the education and welfare of the kids first; a selfless girl. Aneeta is only 27 years old at present. Her brothers want her to marry by the next year and she has the option to choose a groom for herself according to her own wishes.

Aneeta wants to marry a person, who might not be handsome, but he must be a courteous fellow and he must be generous enough to let her carry on with the activity she has indulged herself in. Sooner or later, she hopes that she will be successful in finding such a husband. She is an intelligent girl and therefore; she wants someone who is mature and successful in his field. She doesn’t want him to be a doctor like she is.

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