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Anika from Faridabad is a talented girl. She has always loved her children a lot. She didn’t take divorce just because she want online friendship with boyfriends and she did share her mobile number, that her husband will take the kids always from her. She has always been sincere with her husband too. But her husband has never trusted here and thought of her to be a whore. The thing is that Anika looked really stunning especially in beautiful clothes and light make-up. Aftab , initially liked Anika the way she was but he gradually began thinking that she is dressing up for her cousin Majid whom she often used to praise. Aftab started cheating on her. He started meeting his cousin whom he left just because to marry Anika. She still loved him because they love easch other via mobile number friendship and it seemed that she was waiting for him to come back to her.

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Aftab thrilled by the idea that Roma was still waiting for her and also remembers all the moments they have spent with each other; started dating her again. Hot girl Roma was a teacher in a good school and Aftab started picking her up at off time forgetting that his own daughter was also in the same school. Aftab has told about this to her wife also and since then Anika is damn upset and somehow wants to run away to kill herself. Whatever differences were there among them, she still loved him and after all, he was her husband, the father of her three little kids. The fact that made her more upset was the reaction of her two older kids who were in their teen now. They were no more 12 or 13, they were 16 years old now. She had two male kids, Ahsan and Mahad . They were not that young and they might ask the father the reason for leaving their mother and they might also leave the house with their mother.

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Anika never wanted to leave her house nor she wanted her children to leave. She made a decision that Aftab will leave the house with his girlfriend whom he is insisting on bringing here to live with all of them.

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Name: Anika

City: Faridabad India

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