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Beena is 20 year sexy girl, she is a devoted teacher and a humble person. She is a good daughter but she has been through a lot. Things were never fine after she got married. She was quite young at that time. She was only 18 and had done her bachelors only. It was not until after she was divorced that she decided to continue with her studies. She took admission in the college in the 4th year and took journalism as her major. She later took up teaching because she was offered the job by the Principal of the college himself because of her highest grades in her department. Here Indian single girls mobile number for chatting, timepass and truely friendship for ling life.

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She is the only daughter of her parents and her divorce has affected both her parents badly. Especially, the mother feels really upset about what is going on. She blames herself and thinks that the things would have been different if she would have given her time to study instead of insisting her to marry. The person she was married to was a rich man of 34 but he was very stubborn in ideas and thoughts. He never approves of Beena’s ideas and neither respected her. He has never watched for her feelings. Things were not fine starting from the first day.

Beena therefore decided to lead an independent life after her divorce and her parents have now shown her their full support in this matter. They have realized their mistakes and do not want to impose themselves on her. She also somehow feels relaxed though divorce was one thing that she never wanted to go for. And she might have forgiven Arjun, her ex-husband, but he was beating frequently now. He wanted her to leave so he can marry Shoba , his dearest colleague. Beena realized it late that her husband had been cheating on her during all these three years. Arjun also brought Shoba home one day so he can make his wife jealous of his extra-marital affair.

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Beena is thankful to god for she had no baby or it would have been quite difficult for her to put an appeal for divorce in the court.

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