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Deepa from Ahmadabad is only 18 years old. She is an ambitious girl and wants to be a model one day and personal mobile number for friendship. She knows that she is not only beautiful but she is also photogenic. She has beautiful big eyes and thin pointed nose with full lips. She claims her to be Miss World. She is pretty enough to be called Miss World. She is not involved in any of the boys though many of the boys living around, in her area likes her too much that they are standing near her house everyday just to have a single glimpse of her.

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Deepa is also learning web designing so she can be aware of the use of computers as well. She is studying graphic designing in school so she thinks that this is going to help her in anyway. Deepa’s parents are sick and tired of her arrogance and the way she acts thinking herself to be a princess. Her mother always tells her that her future must be living happily with her husband her kids but Deepa is insistent that she will never marry and pursue modelling to earn a good sum of money every month. Later she might also join the film industry and she might become a great actress like Kareena or Katrina.

She is also making a portfolio through which she can apply in different modeling agencies. Her cousin Rakesh is a really handsome guy and he works in one of the reputed firms. He has always loved her and he wants to propose her someday. But Deepa aware of his intentions tries to avoid him whenever he comes to her place. He keeping on telling her that whatever she aspires to be, she will finally be a wife of someone some day and it is better if he choose someone she knows from her own family.

Rakesh has true feelings of love for her but time will tell that whether Deepa will accept him or choose someone else for her husband. Deepa wants to marry an industrialist from an elite class so she can live in the class she wants to be.

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