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Ganga is a lovely girl from Kanpur who loves to be social. She like indulging in all the activities that may be men would only like to try. She often smoke with her friends and she also like using abusive language. According to her, this is her style. Sanya is her best friend and she is the one who has told her about the new ways that are more entertaining according to her. She have personal mobile number of Indian mobile company vodafone and share to public.

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They often like making crank calls so they can disturb others. If, by chance, they have an old man or a young man to talk to, they ask them to get something for them to eat and that can also provide them a chance to spend a night with them. The boys really mad about the idea, do come to give them company and obviously the old people ignore and go back to sleep. Some middle aged men also buy them packets of cigarettes. It is fun and entertainment for them. Ganga Indain girls and Sana lives alone in an apartment and often believe in having sleepover in exchange of money to fulfill their expenses.

They are both beautiful. Ganga is really gorgeous looking especially when she wears a black sari. She is tall and boys always go for tall ladies. She is not religious at all, rather more of an atheist. She has been living in this apartment for about 3 whole years. She also works in a call center in the day but does not earn a lot out of it.

Ganga loves a boy, Sameer. He has been working in the call center for almost ten years. He is also works in a company at night so he can help his parents run the house smoothly. Sameer likes Ganga too but he knows that right now is not the time for them to get into a serious relationship. Ganga and Sameer do spend time together on weekends. They also go to the night clubs to dance and drink. Sameer doesn’t drink at all though Ganga loves to drink and dance both. But they both hope of getting married one day.

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Name: Ganga

City: Kanpur India

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