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Hina from Surat is one of the most intelligent girls of her school. Not only this, she is also an inborn artist who loves to draw and paint; she has also done a lot of exhibitions in a hall near her house. Hina has got marvelous grades in all her subjects this year. She will go to England this year with her friend Zoha for higher studies. She wants to study architecture and introduce new ideas of constructing building in her own city. Hina has been an active member of her society for welfare in school and have worked a lot to gather funds that can be spent on the education of the poor kids. She has been an obedient child throughout her life, her brothers and her parents both are proud of her and they want her to be as nice and good when she will go to England to complete her studies. Hina also likes writing novels and poems in Hindi in her personal diary.

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She likes no one in particular but she has always thought of a prince who is going to enter his life like a “filmi hero” and will be passionate about her and will ask her to marry him. Here personal and important Indian girls photos and girls mobile number for timepass.

Her friends have always laughed at this idea as they think that there no one as “filmi” now. She likes watching movies and she likes painting her imagination on the canvas. She has sold her paintings for several thousand as they are worth it. She can paint and shade really well though she hasn’t got any particular classes of painting and drawing.

Hina is packing for her trip to England with her family. She wants to go and decide for the place she will stay at, the place where she will study. She has to take tests so she can go to the best university in England. She wants to study in the Oxford University and she knows that she is going to make it. Her mother and father have high hopes from her. Later, her bother is going to join him too , but after a year.

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