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Jeet is a beautiful girl who belongs to the Sikh family. The Indian girl Jeet loved taking, dancing making fun of others. She was of a bubbly nature. It seemed that she is really cute little girl who was always urging more and more. Jeet had a good nature and this is why people all around her liked her, even her neighbors liked her. Jeet never knew how her life would be after marriage. She always wanted to be happy and thought that her husband will also keep her happy but he never did. He used to stare at her as if he was suspicious about something relating her. He sometimes used to tell her to leave for no reason. She was quite amazed about his personality. Here 18 year young teen and beautiful Indian girls mobile numbers list in this website. Also see the girls in Indian chatroom for real chat.

18 Girls from Meerut Mobile Number Friendship

She didn’t knew about his reactions until one day she found out that he was on drugs and this was the reason why he acted in a weird way. She was expecting by now and didn’t know how to deal with such an unexpected situation. Leaving her husband was not the solution. She has to look for a proper solution that could give her a happy life again. Everyone used to think that she has no level of tolerance in her. But this teen girl didn’t tell about any of the difficulties she was facing or going through during her marital life.

She decided that she will convince her husband politely and take him to the doctor. He called one of his closest friends whose husband was a psychologist. She thought this will help him get out of the drug life. It was quite late but it did help and finally, her husband started believing in her, talking with her and joking with her. It was not easy and it took a lot of time and it only became possible after a year that her husband could even talk in a normal way.

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Jeet very young girl is happy to get back her life again but she has to go through a lot to achieve all this. She only pray that this problem doesn’t come across other girls when they get married.

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Name: Jeet

City: Meerut India

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