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Jia was only 23 when she ran away from her house, thinking that she is going to marry the man of her dreams. She was a mature Indian girl who took an immature decision. Nobody in her family, even her mother and father could think that she would do such a thing. Her father suffered a heart attack when he heard of this and the mother was really upset with her decision. She was quite a sensible girl, who was always thinking about others. She is a loving and caring daughter. She has never disobeyed his parents. Her Indian call girls contact number for timepass and also for real friendship.

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It was very surprising when she ran away with Jeet Singh, who was his class fellow. Jia’s mother wanted Jia to marry her cousin Rajit but Jia didn’t want that. She did tell her mother that she is in love with someone. But her mother didn’t pay heed and thought that all these things were temporary and she will start loving her husband as soon as she will get to know him. It was 5 days before her marriage that she called Rajit telling him that she loves her too much that she can do as he wants her to. Rajit who was always following here just needed an indication or signal of “yes”. Very happily he listened to all what she wanted to say. He could have never imagined that his life could take such a big turn. He told her that since she will be married in 5 days so, it is better that she runs away with him. Initially , Jia was reluctant then she said “yes” after a day. She had thought a lot and every time, Rajit’s sincere eyes used to follow her.

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She took the jewelry that her parents have ordered for her and all the pretty clothes that her mother had bought for her. Rajit told her that since they might be short of money so, they need to have some expensive things that can help them in the times of need. They ran at the middle of the night. Jia had to jump from her balcony to Jimmy’s terrace. From there they came down in the lawn through the staircase attached to the terrace. They ran easily from there. But they couldn’t adjust with one another and separated soon.

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  • Name: Jia Desai
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