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Kaithy is from Pune located in main city of India. She is the third child of her parents who has just turned 23 years old this year. Kaithy hot desi girls mobile number to chat and timepass. She has been born and bred in England but later her parents decided that they must move back to their own city, Pune. Kaithy has a good English accent and is good in studies too but she is also learning Hindi. Her Hindi teacher is a young guy who is full of life, smart and intelligent. He is also her mother’s aunt son. He is a student himself and is in final year of bachelor. Somehow, they have got influenced by each other’s company. Kaithy wants to be closer to him and seems bold in her action as compared to Rajan , who is very submissive. He doesn’t want to break Kaithy’s mother’s trust at any cost.

Pune Hot Desi Girls Mobile Number

He also often tells Kaithy that she needs to concentrate on improving her Hindi girls rather than telling him again and again that he likes him. Kaithy father, Jag Mohan married a Christian woman Leena when he went to England to settle there. Leena was the daughter of the landlady but was a very down to earth person, her father immediately fall in love with her deep blue eyes as soon as he saw her. They were friends for a long time but Jag Mohan finally asked her out one day. After an affair of a year , he decided to marry her as he felt that this the perfect match and he doesn’t want to lose her at any cost.

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She was born 6 years after their marriage. She was a sister of two brothers so she was adored by all of the people of the family. She loved being with friends all the time. She was very social and entirely different from her two brothers who used to lock up there rooms to study and compete with each other in grades. Kaithy was still an immature child even up till now. This was the reason why Rajan was really upset about Kaithy, who was thinking of getting into a relationship with Rajan. He also wanted her to concentrate on her studies rather than concentrating on him all the time.

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  • Name: Kaithy Sharma
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