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Lalita is a poor girl but she has always aspired to study and be like those who sit in the offices and orders others. Her father has been a clerk throughout his life and he has always been working hard for raising his kids. His family has always supported him and always cared for him. His grandfather was also a clerk in the times when India was occupied by the British army. He was a strong man though his father is a soft person unlike his grandfather and he is not even dominant like him. Lalita’s father has always wanted Lalita to complete her studies because he knew she is his only child who can do more and can achieve the position he has imagined. The most talented Indian desi girl Lalita is living in Nashik India and the mobile number also added this article.

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Lalita was only 15 when she went to the college; there she selected History as her major. She liked knowing about the people and especially those who were poor and became rich and popular and achieved success with the help of their own abilities. It was a big achievement for her when she was announced the student of the year. Later, she also fought the elections and was chosen as the head girl of college. She also won the election as a council member. The students loved her lively nature and because she was a down to earth person, they liked her. She has never been proud of who she was. She has been humble and this was what made her the best.

Presently, she is working as an assistant professor in a renowned college after completing her master. She cherishes the days when she was in the college. She organized a lot of events and helped her professors. She was a good student and a good head girl.

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She will be the head of the department after a year. She doesn’t want to marry right now, not at this stage. She wants to acquire and pursue her ambitions only. Her father is very proud of her and she feels proud because her daughter is not a clerk like him and her grandfather. She has gained a better position.

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Name: Lalita

City: Nashik India

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