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Madhita is a girl with a height of over ten feet. She is so strong that she almost looks like a man. When she was young, she used to do hand wrestling in her school. She thrashed boys and everyone called her “giant” for this reason. Her best friend was a boy, Sidharth. Sidharth knew here when she was only nine years old. He was her cousin. He liked her but has never revealed this in front of her. He thought that she won’t like it if he will propose her and might even slap on his face. Madhita Indian cute girls was like this but her feelings for Sidharth were quite different. She has a soft corner for him which she could never give a name to.

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Sidharth thought that Sidhu, her best friend is all she has ever cared about. He used to celebrate his birthdays with her. He used go out on a shopping with her. It was not Madhita, but Sidha who used to drag here everywhere. But it is true that Madhita has always been caring towards him but they were no more than best friends. They shared everything with each other. Once when Madhita came home at 1, after midnight; Sidharth became upset and wanted to question her but kept quiet. Madhita somehow read the question he was about to ask, in his eyes. She was very careful, the next time she went with Sidhu for the coverage of reports. Both of them were studying journalism and so they had covered a few unexpected reports to complete their thesis.
Madhita has talked about her cousin with her best friend. Sidhu always thought that Sidharth had no guts to propose her until one day when Sidharth turned up with a big heavy bouquet of flowers. The bouquet also had a card that was hanging to one of the ribbons it was tied to.

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It said, “I just can’t express you through words what I feel for you. It is just that my heart aches when I see you caring for others and not me. Why? I am looking for the answer. May be, you can suggest me something.”

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