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Maditi from Nagpur is an astonishing looking girl who has just completed her graduation from Mumbai and shifted to Nagpur, her own city in India. The people in Nagpur are more welcoming according to her so she came back here to do a good job. Her job over here is of an academic coordinator. She is working in a school with an international system in it. Her colleagues are very cooperative and they always help her if she is stuck somewhere. She walked in this school to give an interview for a teacher but the Principal insisted her that she has a charismatic personality and it is better if she opt for the job of a coordinator. She love to perfect match with Indian boy and have personal relationship friendship on mobile number.

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She was quite afraid because this is the first time that she has ever tried this profession but then when she went home, her mother asked her to try the position and in case she won’t feel comfortable, she can apply for another job then. She has been a good coordinator, leading her team from the front; being polite and kind she has won the hearts of her staff members. Here full Indian girls phone number lists for real friendship.

The school head also likes her. He is a young man and is not married yet. He is almost 35 years old but he seems to admire every move of his coordinator. Many of the members in the staff think that he is serious about Maditi and wants to marry her. He always has a shine in her eyes whenever, he looks at her. She can also feel the warmth and happiness that he shows on meeting her. He has often asked her out, which she has politely declined. She wants to judge him first; she wants to see whether she deserves him or not as she is not that rich as he is. Though the principal is also fully aware of her poor background but he has never mentioned it or showed her that she is lower in status than him.

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He respects her self-esteem and is proud of the ways she carries herself. Maditi is a humble girl and has never tried to hurt anyone’s feelings.

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