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Meera from Ludhiana was a popular girl in the whole colony, not in the city India. She loved learning English since she never went to school after the sixth grade. She was an independent girl. Her mother lived with her only and love to meet with mobile number friendship. Her father left her or in other words disowned her after she ran 7 years back, from her home. She thought that life will be easier and charming but her life became worse. The person she went with was a regular drinker and a chain smoker. He wanted nothing but alcohol at night for his satisfaction. At first, Meera couldn’t imagine what has happened with her. She thought of someone w3ho will love and adore her forever and keep her like a princess but things were quite the opposite now. She started working in people’s house so she could buy him his favorite drink. The next step was that he has started beating her severely. Still she tried to live with him as she knew that she could not go back to her parents. Her father might kill her. Here Ludhiana desi girls and also call girls mobile number for real dating and chatting.

Ludhiana Real Desi Girls Numbers Friendship Love

But one day, Ram thrashed her really badly so much so that her elbow fractured. Meera Indian call girl was taken to the hospital by one of her neighbors where she was treated for 5 weeks and after that when she was discharged from there, she decided to go to her home. When she went there, there was a changed situation she faced. Her father left her mother after she ran away and her mother knew nothing about him. She was working in somebody’s house to feed herself twice.

Meera cute girl was really depressed and therefore, she wished that time could be reversed; but, nothing could be done now with whatsapp mobile number. After a few days she decided to give the upper portion of her house on rent. This improved their finances and later she opened a parlor. It was a wonderful experience for her. It is a year now; she has a lot of customers that come to her every now and then. She serves them really well and her team is also a trustworthy and sincere.

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Name: Meera Khan

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