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Nadia is from a very strong background. She has three brothers and all are in the army. Her father was a general in the army. He was an extremely strict man and so were her brothers. They were all loving towards their sister but they could never approve of the fact that she wants to marry someone who has been studying with her. According to them, she has betrayed them and there was no condition on which they can allow her to marry him.

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Nadia hot Indian girl loved Aslam dearly. He has been studying with her all these four years and they have been quite close to each other, as close as husbands are to their wives. Now, after hearing that she cannot marry him, Nadia got quite upset and even tried to kill herself by taking a full leaflet of tranquillizers. But fortunately, she was saved by the doctor. Aslam did not know what to do when Nadia called her one day and told him that she is expecting and now there is nothing they can do but either to kill themselves or to run away and marry. Aslam knew that if he is going to marry her , he would be found shot dead the next day, but he wanted to do something.

They both thought of a plan. Aslam, disguised himself as a lady and went to Nadia’s house. He told the guard that he is Nadia’s friend and he can call her here so she can give her result. She has not been coming to the college for a month and therefore, she is here to inform her about the upcoming exams and the date sheet. The guard was not aware of what was going on in her life, he called Nadia and told her that someone has come from really far to see her. Nadia thought may be, it is Razia , her very old friend with Aslam’s message but she was shocked to see that Aslam was there peeping through the long bars of the gate for her. As soon as she reached there, he gave him a paper, which said, “Wait for me in the terrace at 2 , at night.”

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