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Neena from Jaipur has always been a little queen of her parents. She has done everything in life she has struggled for or asked for. Her parents were kind and affectionate towards their kids. Her father had given all his kids the attention and the money they need. Her mother had been loving and caring too. She has two more sisters. They often fight when it comes to borrowing or sharing thing. Her elder sister Nandita is a mature girl but she also fight like kids when they take each other’s things for a couple of hours only. The mother Leela Devi is the best in nature and she keeps telling her kids to study rather than concentrating on other matters. The elder sister is engaged with Ram.

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Neena likes his younger brother but has no guts to tell this to the person himself or nor to his mother or sister. She often peeps through the door when Ravi comes with Ram to have a look at him. Ravi is a really handsome guy and not that; he possesses a very impressive personality. Neena often thinks that he might be in a relationship with someone else, but still she feels that she cannot control her feelings. It seems completely impossible to her.

She has planned this Valentine’s Day that she is going to tell him what she feels about him. She is confident that he will definitely like her. Ravi works in a reputed company. He has earned a degree of masters in Finance. He is a competent person and has worked hard to be on the position of a manager of the company.

Neena is planning to give Ravi a big bouquet, chocolates and with that a candle that she has designed by herself. She really hopes that his moves will be encouraging and then they might also get engaged like her sister and Ravi’s brother one day.Neena has always been a sensible girl and she wants to ask for Ravi’s love straight away rather than to beat about the bush. She also knows that she has even got the guts to listen to a“no” for an answer.

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