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Neeta from Bengaluru is a decent girl who belongs to a middle class set-up. She was always of a serious nature up till now. She has always hated boys and has never thought of loving or proposing someone. But when she turned 18 girl, she started going to her neighbor’s house to be friends with Bhomi, a good natured girl. Bhoomi and Neeta soon became fast friends. As time passed by, both of them started sharing more and more. Neeta didn’t know that Bhoomi’s brother secretly love her and he has also expressed this in front of others. Neeta only went to spend a good time with Bhoomi. With the passage of time Neeta started realizing that Gopal always came and sat in the same room where she and Bhoomi were sitting. She have Idea sim mobile phone number for real friendship in online.

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He also used to bring sweets for both of them. Gopal’s father owned a bakery and so Gopal also used to go there to help his father. He was also doing master in Business. He father always that, this will help him become a decent guy then hi father was. Neeta’s parents have been really strict so they never allowed her to stay in anybody’s house for more than an hour. They knew that she was pretty enough to attract anyone she wanted to. She has never insisted to stay longer anywhere but being here was a little different for here. She loved talking to Bhoomi who has always been really supportive. She was true friend according to Neeta.

She has never encouraged Gopal and therefore up till now he is unsuccessful in revealing his feelings to Neeta. Bhoomi has also never discussed this matter with her. Neeta will be engaged to her cousin the next year so somehow, it doesn’t matter to her that Gopal likes her or not. Though Sameer is not the man of his dreams but she in no way can think of going against her parents.

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She is a sensible girl who has always taken decisions that have never hurt anyone. She is not a girl who likes to live in dreams and doesn’t care about reality.

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  • Name: Neeta Chawla
  • City: Bangalore India
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