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Neha from Chennai is a beautiful girl with a hot figure. She was never been a pretty girl until she turned 16. She is from an elite family, her mother is a designer and her father is a politician. He is a sitting minister from BJP. Her family is very ambitious and this reason why she and her brother are trying to pursue their professions seriously. There her passion to like different categories and share her personal mobile number for dating. Neha has been really good in studies so her mother and father decided to send her to America for higher studies whereas; the brother is still living here. Neha always wanted to be a fashion designer like her mother so; she decided to move from America to Paris which is the most popular country in terms of fashion. Neha is also introducing her designs in various exhibitions and fashion shows over there. She wants to be famous like her father.

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Neha is an independent girl and though she is studying but she is also working to pay her own fee. Her college is a few steps away from the Eifel Tower. She loves being here with Santosh, one of her university fellows and her best friend. He has always motivated her in every task she does. Neha and Santosh get along really well and they love each other but like friends. They are planning to hold an exhibition on Chennai next year so they can introduce their designs in India too.

Neha has also convinced her father who is going to promote the whole event. Big celebrities will be a part of it as their father has great links in the Bollywood Film Industry. Now days, Neha is busy in finalizing the designs that she would finally be displaying in Chennai girls at the Sahara Exhibition. The name has been chosen by her mother herself.

Both her parents and she are really excited about this event. This can prove to be her big chance that can change her life. She has also thought of other ideas to make this event, a mega event. Her brother is also willing to help her out in making it a success.

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