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Pragya from Kolkata has three little brothers and sisters to look after. Her mother has remarried and lives with her second husband after her father’s death. Pragya and her mother had never got along well so, she decided to take her little brothers with her and moved to Kolkata. She decided to show her mobile number with everyone with Indian college girls and close real friends. She has sent them to a boarding school nearby so, she can work hard and earn for them. Three of them are really sweet and care a lot about their sister. Her mother often comes to meet them. She is working as a teacher these days and also takes up tuitions of posh areas in Kolkata to raise a good sum of money.

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She has always been a dedicated teacher therefore; she has also achieved awards from school. Her colleagues love her and respect her for the care she shows towards them. She has always been a helpful person towards others. Even the place where she lives is full of people who admire the love, are and respects she shows for people around her. Things were running smoothly in her life but now she is into trouble these days. She was meeting someone she loved a lot and secretly married him. He was Ashish, the person from the same colony where she lives. Ashish never wanted to tell about their relationship to anyone, but now she is expecting and obviously there will be a time when everybody will know about this. Pragya is now convincing Ashish to declare their marriage but he is still acting like a coward. Pragya has decided that if Ashish is not going to reveal this secret then she will spill the beans herself.

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She doesn’t want that her child should be called an illegitimate. She has also told Ashish that his parents would not accept their kid then she will leave this colony and go somewhere else to live and she won’t tell him so he won’t ever meet or see his kid. She is a courageous girl who has been through a lot therefore; she has learned how to be calm and composed in even the worst situations.

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  • Name: Pragya Aggarwal
  • City: Kolkata India
  • Mobile Number: