Preeti from Lucknow Girls Mobile Number Friendship

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Preeti is 27 years old and is working in a company for the sake of her kids whom she has to raise after the death of her husband. Then later shw want to seriuos relationship with Indian boy and also will share her cell phone number. Often, she thinks that it would have been better if she would have died rather than her husband. She is in deep depression as she has to work overtime to raise her kids. Her father and mother are convincing her to remarry but, she has not decided about that and is afraid about the behavior the person who would be her future husband, might have towards her kids.

Indian Lucknow Girls Mobile Number Friendship

Preeti is lovely and has a fair colour with rosy cheeks. She looks quite attractive and beautiful. She even doesn’t seem to be a mother of two kids. She is from Lucknow though her husband was from Dehli. She moved to Dehli after marriage but had to move back after the unfortunate death of her husband in a plane crash. His parents and his younger sister were also with him. He just went to leave his sister and parents to New Zealand to live with his younger brother and he also had a few business deals to set there. He might have never imagined that this will prove to be his last trip.

Preeti has a girl and a boy. The girl is just three but the boy is five years old. Both the kids are very adorable. They go to school while the mother goes on her job at that time. She loves her kids but she also desires to have someone in her life who can support her and the kids as well. Though she doesn’t want to share this feeling with her parents she shares it all what is in her mind and heart with her friend Firidya.

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Firidya works with her and is just 25. She stays really worried about her friend.
Preeti sometimes, does think of marrying her old friend who is still mad about her. He has proposed her many times but she cannot make up her mind and is still struggling with her emotions. She still have strong feelings about him.

Name: Preeti

City: Lucknow India

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