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Rama is a fantastic girl who has always been nice to everyone and she live in beautiful city of India Assam. Dealing everyone with special care and love has made her really sweet for others. Nobody in her firm has ever been pissed off by her. Everyone has thought her to be the most patient and caring person ever. The fantastic girl Rama share her pesonal mobile number data or social media ids i public. Because she know the power of social media are very strong in now a days. When she share her mobile number with in friends and hit a thousands like. This posts are mostly viral and discussing with all family friends.

India Assam Girl Real Mobile Numbers

Nobody knew about her past and may be that was the reason why everyone has thought her to be the best, the one who may have not hurt anyone. The reality was something else; she has been a good daughter and a good wife but was not liked by both of them. Her mother died soon after her birth and she really did not know who the one who raised her was. She was not liked by her father because he thought it was due to her that his wife had to suffer so much pain and then ultimately had to die. He didn’t want her in this world when the doctor wanted his wife to abort the baby rather than going through a surgery after seven months. Preiti always liked kids and wanted one and thought that she may survive after going through all the surgery the doctor is talking about.
But things were not the way as expected, Preiti didfn’t survive.

Name: Rama

City:  Assaam India

Email Address: ramarerama@gmail.com

Gender: Female

Mobile Number: