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Rekha is an outstanding girl in studies; she has got two double promotions too. After a remarkable time in Indian school, she started her college girls life. She took admission in the Psychology department later, for her master’s degree. She always wanted to be a psychologist. She has also practiced playing with the psyche of others. In fact, it is true if we say that she knew how to manipulate the psyche of others. It is true because Amit, her cousin is a son of a millionaire and likes to take her anywhere he wants to. He likes her and has proposed her, Rekha on the other hand doesn’t like Amit but she knows that he can prove to be advantageous for her. She is fond of no one at all so she thinks that it is okay if Amit’s there for her. He can spend a lot on her and give her all she has ever wished for in her life.

Indian Madurai Hot Girls Mobile Numbers

Rekha belongs to a middle class family and she has never seen things coming easily to her. It was not before when she met Amit that she realized that good clothes can make her look prettier and smarter. She also felt nice and she was an outstanding in studies too so it felt great receiving all the good things in life. The only desire she was left with was fame.

She just wished that she could be a popular psychologist. Amit was even ready to open a new clinic for her to practice after she will be through with her masters. Rekha is working really hard and she might won a gold medal this time. Her college administration has offered her a place to teach the young students of F.A but she has declined their request. If they would have offered her a month before, she might have taken the opportunity but now there was no way she will accept it, not after meeting Amit.

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She has a secure future now and nothing to care about in particular. Amit loves her and never wants to leave her, he is doing and wants to do all what she wants.

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Name: Rekha Rani

City: Madurai India

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