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Sanjana is living with her boyfriend, Ram these days in Putna. She wants to leave him because she doesn’t enjoy being physical with him nor she enjoys with him anywhere at all. They were in love a long time before but that love was no there in them after they have lived with each other for over two years. They were mad about each other from the time they saw each other till the time they decided to live with each other. They also decided that they will share their expenses. It went on smoothly for a year until the day Sanjana started dating another boy. She didn’t tell about this to her boyfriend.

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Hans was in his company and he was not a normal employ but the CEO of the company. He has always signaled her that he likes her and wants to be with her. He never knew that she had a boyfriend and she is living with her too. She has never discussed about her boyfriend with someone. She was good in front of others. Hans also thought that she has no one to be with as she was also working overtime. No one on the earth could have imagined that she is committed. Hans asked her out and she said “yes” without a pause of a second.

After which he planned for a breakup and instead of taking the blame on her as she had started avoiding her boyfriend a long time before, she told that he is the one to be blamed as he made her life monotonous and full of worries.

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Hans was a sweet boy and was a caring person but he never knew that the girl he has chosen for him was damn selfish and always like blaming others for her mistakes rather than herself. Hans had plans of marrying Sanjana as she seemed to be the most beautiful girl to him. He thought that he has never seen such a sweet girl as her. Sanjana on the other hand was lucky enough to find Hans who was rich and supportive to her.

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  • Name: Sanjana
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