Sheela Desi Girl from Rajkot Mobile Numbers Dating

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Sheela from Rajkot is a strong and hot girl with an elegant personality and this is what has always made her prominent in the family function. She looked really hot especially when she used to wear a sari. A girl with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and with an ideal figure was the dream girl of many. She had many proposals but she chose her cousin who was actually her mother’s aunt’s son. She thought that since Amit knows her really well, he will prove to be the best choice and he was a good, thorough gentleman. He worked in a bank in Dubai. He has also taken Sheela there and working a Indian mobile call centre. Sheela had a daughter and then she had a son and later a daughter again, over there. She was leading a happy life with her husband and kids when one day something alarming happened. She met the person she had always been inspired of, her own class fellow.

Desi Girl from Rajkot Mobile Numbers Dating

She was deeply in love with him but her mother convinced her that this would upset his family intensely and therefore, it is better to marry someone whom she has really known since childhood. Indain desi girl Sheela knew that her life with Amit was good and she was enjoying it but she has always felt that there had been something missing. It was that Amit was not as social as Sheela was in fact, he liked to stray quite most of the time. He shared very less with Sheela. Sheela, on the other hand thought Amit to be a good husband and a nice friend. She knew that she can tell everything to him without thinking. Amit had a good nature and was not a conservative person. He has never snubbed her in anything.

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Sheela realized that there was no friend that Amit goes to spend time with. All he cares for was his kids and wife. Sheela wanted him to be happy and enjoy the life. He never liked spending time anywhere sometimes; it used to become boring for her. This became a problem between then them but still now they want to be together with kids though, they are no more sleeping with each other anymore.

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Name: Sheela

City: Rajkot India

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