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Shilpa from Delhi belongs to a middle class family. Her mother is a widow. It has been almost ten years that she has lost her father. Her father was a rich man had a factory of his own which he was running since he was just twenty three years old. He was a successful businessman and therefore he had many people who envy him and there were many who looked up to him. He was murdered by one of his unknown rivals. His dead body was dumped by his enemy in one of the dustbins. Then later she share her real personal mobile and whatsapp Indian girls numbers for real friendship.

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Shilpa’s mother looked after the factory after that but she has handled things carefully and in a more lenient way as compared to her husband. Shilpa has done MBA and is also going with her mother to the office to understand the position of the factory. They are under heavy loans of the banks these days. Her aim to understand with boyfriends and love to dating in different areas of India.

Shilpa has been in love with Aron since childhood and they have been ion a relation for a long time. Aron proved to be a no match to Shilpa as time passed by. He had been cheating on her so Shilpa has licked him out of her life. Her complete concentration is on the business and she is coming up with many unique ideas to overcome loses the factory is going through these days and she has high hopes that she will prosper in doing so. She also keeps worrying about her mother’s health who is a diabetic and she is not well these days. She has been recommended a complete bed rest by the doctors. Shilpa is hiring a lot of ladies in her factory as she believes that the women are more sincere in working and are hard worker if we compare them to men.

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Shilpa has a little brother whom she has admitted in hostel so he can study without any disturbance in a boarding school and can only come for vocations to enjoy himself. Amar loves Shilpa more than anything and both brother and sister care a lot for each other.

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  • Name: Shilpa Khanna
  • City: Delhi India
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