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Subah from Bihar Girl Mobile Number Love Partner

Subah was as pretty as her name. She belonged to a rich family. Her father is the president of his market, while her mother is a house wife. She has been really a support to her daughter who has been a fighter in her life. She fought the disease leukemia through her will power. Her sister was a little girl of 8 years old while Subah was fourteen years old. They were Brahimins and had a tradition of making their daughters marry at an early age. The pretty girl belong to a attractive city of India and share personally her mobile number for whatsapp chat. Here desi girls mobile numbers of India and picture of real Indian local girls.

Indian Bihar Girl Mobile Number Love Partner

Subah got married at the age of eighteen and so did her sister, Maha, her sister could adjust easily whereas, Subah couldn’t adjust with Ashoutosh ,who was a playboy sort of a person in his past. Subah couldn’t accept the fact that he was very much involved in his class fellow who was a married woman. She was a pretty woman with short hair and fair complexion. She was a modest lady who knew her boundaries and had never crossed them. Subah was her friend too although she knew about her husband’si intentions towards Nikita, yet she wanted to be her friend because she never encouraged her husband’s moves.

Name: Subah

City: Bihar India

Email Address:

Gender: Female

Mobile Number: [sociallocker]+91-927748299[/sociallocker]

Updated: March 27, 2017 — 7:37 pm
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